At Imedco, Quality and Innovation is in our vein. We are passionate to serve community with good quality products for their well being.  We realize that to serve the community better we need a strong and dedicated team.  We are looking for enthusiastic and smart people to work together with us, to take ideas into reality and bring added values to our customers.

In this company we facilitate open discussion, active learning, and knowledge sharing for personal development. We believe that the company grows together with its people.

If you have a passion to take a role from RnD to manufacturing to sales, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A rapid growing National pharmaceutical company is looking for Marketing and Sales Supervisor,District Manager, Sales Manager, and General Sales Manager in west and Central Indonesia.


  1. Experience: ‘Ethical Sales’ > 3 years
  2. Education: High School or equal
  3. English skills would be a plus point

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