GP Farmasi Indonesia hold its national congress on 23-25 October 2015 at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung with its topic “New Paradigm in the Process of Developing Autonomy Pharmaceutical Business as Nawa Cita (National Priority Agenda)”. Imedco was represented by Suryanto, Audrey Clarissa, and Purwadi Dwijodarmanto.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that Pharmaceutical industry is one of the government priorities as directed by President Jokowi. Therefore, development in pharmaceutical industries will be fully supported by the government. In line with it, pharmaceutical industries and other pharmaceutical businesses should be ready to support the universal health coverage, even though it has its own challenges esp. in pricing. The industrial commission of GP Farmasi Indonesia encourages pharmaceutical industries to play in the “same level playing field”.

In this XV national congress, Mr. F. Tirto Kusnadi was elected as the new Chairperson of GP Farmasi Indonesia 2016-2021. Congratulations to Mr. Tirto in fostering the development of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia.