PT Imedco Djaja took an active role in BPOM RI activities entitled “Medicine and Food Business Industries Support the Net-Zero Carbon Program” which was conducted at the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park (TWAAK) and Mangrove Ecotourism Center Pantai Indah Kapuk on October 31st, 2023. The goal of this program is to establish Net Zero Carbon in Indonesia by gradually planting mangroves from 2023 until 2025. Mangrove planting is intended to enhance the environmental quality, particularly on the air quality.
Dr. Ir. Penny K. Lukito, MCP, as the Head Of Indonesian Food And Drug Authority (BPOM RI), stated that business practices are not only for monetary gains but also for the development of local communities and protection of the environment. With this regards, BPOM RI took the initiative to encourage BPOM’s stakeholders to truly care and participate in protecting the environment.
One of the factors that contribute to air pollution, which can harm both the environment and human health, is carbon emissions. Carbon emissions may cause global warming, which is extremely harmful for life. Because of this, the society must actively work together to reduce the quantity of carbon emissions in the atmosphere in order to improve the quality of life.
PT Imedco Djaja demonstrates its concern for environmental sustainability through this event and by always using environmentally friendly technology throughout the whole manufacturing cycle.
– Small steps make big impacts –

COVID-19 Cases are increasing again in Europe, Singapore and many other countries. IMEDCO DJAJA together with Trimatra Pilar Nusantara supports The Army Strategic Reserves Command (KOSTRAD) by donating Hi-D5000. On 19 October 2022, Suryanto represents Imedco Djaja to symbolically give the product to Letjen Maruli Simanjuntak Commander of The Army Strategic Reserves Command (Pangkostrad). We do hope that Hi-D5000, will strengthen the army and the country.

The Designation of PT Imedco Djaja as QV Products Sole Distributor by Ego Pharmaceutical Pte. Ltd.

Skin care products are increasingly in demand and needed by the community where they are becoming part of their daily needs. PT Imedco Djaja is aware of this need, and wants to provide high quality skin care products. At the end of 2019, Ego Pharmaceutical opened the opportunity to collaborate with PT Imedco Djaja in importing and marketing skin care products, and Imedco welcomed the opportunity. And in February 2020, PT Imedco Djaja was appointed as the sole distributor of QV products in Indonesia.

Ego Pharmaceuticals Pte. Ltd. is no. 1 Australia scientifically-based skin care specialist company founded in 1953. Besides Indonesia, Ego Pharmaceutical also exports its products to other 12 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Middle East, and England. With Ego’s commitment to prioritize quality, Ego’s products are widely known  by public and give a good experience in every use of their skin care products.

QV products consist of 2 main variants, namely QV Skincare and QV Baby, with product regimens consist of wash to creams or lotions and also baby cream for diaper rash. QV is known to be suitable for sensitive skin and become a solution to moisturize very dry, red  and even irritated skin.

Imedco and Ego collaborate to market QV products where Imedco promotes through ethical channels while Ego through OTC/modern trade channels. This mechanism expands the QV products market coverage to most areas in Indonesia. Imedco and Ego have been working together for 1 year and despite the pandemic, this collaboration was successful and well received by Indonesian market.  Both parties have high hopes on this collaboration to continue to strive and support each other until the mutual goal is achieved to expand the use of these more-than-60-year-old products, so that QV products are beneficial not only for the companies, but also for its customers.

Hi-D® Pioneer in High Dosed Vitamin D
Guidelines and Protocols for Covid-19 Treatment

Hi-D® (High Dosed Vitamin D), a pioneer product of high doses of Vitamin D in Indonesia provides many benefits. It was launched before Covid-19 pandemic and was the first high-dosed vitamin D3 registered in the country. We have a high concern on Vitamin D deficiency pandemic globally and with the latest evidence available we bring forth niche chewable product with high quality (choco vanilla flavor).

We are also very proud to introduce the acknowledgement of vitamin D3 in the latest COVID-19 treatment guidelines in Indonesia. Vitamin D 1000 IU and 5000 IU which are classified as drugs and specifically in the form of chewable tablets have been included in the Guidelines and Protocols for Management of confirmed and unconfirmed patients Covid-19 issued by 5 associations of specialist doctors (PDPI, PERKI, PAPDI, PERDATIN, IDAI) and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. It is used for all COVID-19 stages.

Hi-D® Pioneer in High Dosed Vitamin D
in Continuing Medical Education

Hi-D as one of IMEDCO’s featured products is consistent in carrying out its commitments to provide continuous education to healthcare professional through latest study and literature. We also work closely with various healthcare professionals and their societies to increase Vitamin D awareness and to equip them with strong evidence approach. Hi-D has covered many interesting discussion including COVID-19, immunity, metabolic disorders, and many more.


Most countries in the world have experienced Covid-19 global pandemic, including Indonesia with increasing positive cases. One that has a big impact is the increasing task and role of medical personnel who are striving to fight against this case.

Therefore, as a part of support for the struggle of the medical personnel, IMEDCO through their teams throughout Indonesia moved quickly to organize a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by distributing donations in the form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to all Hospitals in Indonesia. IMEDCO highly appreciates all medical personnel who have been partners to improve the health of the Indonesian people. PPE was chosen because it became one of the items that was needed by medical personnel every day and became quite difficult to obtain during the pandemic. Patient’s safety which is the responsibility of the medical staff, is proportional to the high risk of his health to infected by Covid-19.

This activity has already begun and will continue as long as the pandemic period, so at least the burden of medical personnel will be slightly reduced as a joint task of all parties who have to work together, join hands together and unite against Covid-19.

Thank you, our hero.
All Medical Personnel that Fighting for All Indonesian People.
Our Prayers and Support Always Accompany Your Sincerity.
We hope that this temptation passes soon.
Together We Can.

IMEDCO Goes to Kindergarten

It is a privilege for Imedco to be invited by Jakarta Nanyang School (JNY) to share about the process of research and manufacturing of medicine to the kindergarten students. The event was attended by more than 120 students. They are very eager to know how a drug is manufactured.

During the event, Imedco explained that there are various healthcare professionals and one of that is pharmacist who is responsible to dispense and give a consultation about medicine. Imedco further explained that the process to manufacture a drug, is started with a research. A ‘small trial’ on how to create an acceptable formula for children was conducted during the event. Many students were excited to participate in the trial and they created orange and grape flavor syrup. At the same time, we also expose them to various pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

This event is aimed to give understanding to the children on how a drug is manufactured and that patient convenience of the medical regime is a factor that we always take into account. We hope that some of them will become good healthcare professionals in the future.

Imedco Djaja Inaugurated by Head of Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC)


On 19 December 2016, Imedco Djaja new facility was inaugurated by Head of NADFC Dr. Ir. Penny Kusumastuti Lukito, MCP, represented by Acting Deputy 1 Drs. Ondri Dwi Sampurno M.Si., Apt. In her speech, she addressed that challenges and opportunities are getting higher due to the ASEAN Economic Community and the Indonesian universal health coverage. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry has to meet current Good Manufacturing Process (c-GMP) and up to date with science and technology development. In addition, membership of NADFC in PIC/S also gives an extra benefit for industries to find export opportunities. According to Government Regulation No. 14 in 2015, pharmaceutical industry is one of the prime mover industry and Imedco Djaja as national industry is expected to answer the regional and global challenges. She expressed her deep appreciation in the new management and the total facility renovation.

During this event, Imedco Djaja also facilitated plant visit to see the operation of the new facility. This is to show the commitment of Imedco as partner of NADFC, to comply with all regulation and standards that has been set by the regulators. We believe with our strong commitment, we can meet the regional and global challenges and contribute significantly for Indonesia and many countries.

This inauguration was also attended by representative of Indonesian ministry of health and ex Head of NADFC Dr. Ir. Roy Sparringa, M.App.Sc. and Dra. Kustantinah, Apt., M.App.Sc. We hope through this inauguration, the trust and confidence of entire stakeholders to Imedco Djaja will increase.

GP Farmasi Indonesia National Meeting 2016


GP Farmasi Indonesia hold its national congress on 23-25 October 2015 at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung with its topic “New Paradigm in the Process of Developing Autonomy Pharmaceutical Business as Nawa Cita (National Priority Agenda)”. Imedco was represented by Suryanto, Audrey Clarissa, and Purwadi Dwijodarmanto.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that Pharmaceutical industry is one of the government priorities as directed by President Jokowi. Therefore, development in pharmaceutical industries will be fully supported by the government. In line with it, pharmaceutical industries and other pharmaceutical businesses should be ready to support the universal health coverage, even though it has its own challenges esp. in pricing. The industrial commission of GP Farmasi Indonesia encourages pharmaceutical industries to play in the “same level playing field”.

In this XV national congress, Mr. F. Tirto Kusnadi was elected as the new Chairperson of GP Farmasi Indonesia 2016-2021. Congratulations to Mr. Tirto in fostering the development of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia.

Imedco Djaja received the GMP Certificate

Imedco Djaja has received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificates in April 2016 from Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC ). The issued certificates cover solid (tablet and capsule), semisolid, and liquid facilities. The certificates were obtained through hard work and team work, and IMEDCO is thankful to have such a dedicated team. We are also grateful for the support of the NADFC who has support us through all the process.

These certificates are a new phase for IMEDCO to impact the Indonesian healthcare. We are committed to produce innovative and high quality products to meet the needs of doctors, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners in serving the community.

Imedco Djaja had been audited by NADFC

In November 2015, Imedco Djaja has completed its total renovation and added new facilities that had taken place since October 2014. Now, Imedco has production facilities for solid, liquid and semisolid products. It is also supported with key facilities such as HVAC and Purified Water System according to the prevailing requirements. These critical facilities are as important as the whole facility inside the production plant; without any of these it is impossible to produce high quality products.

This facility came about as a result of Imedco’s commitment to invest in the country’s infrastructure by modernizing the national pharmaceutical industry and comply with the current national and international regulations. This facility will allow Imedco to meet the growth of local and regional demands for medicines. This in turn, positions Imedco to successfully compete within a new, globalized scenario by fulfilling strong international commitments.

As soon as the renovation and addition of facility has finished, Imedco requested a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit to the National Agency of Food, Drug, and Cosmetics (NADFC ). The audit took place in the end of November 2015 and we are now progressing for the final review. We will soon be awarded a certificate of Compliance with GMP so that Imedco may start to contribute to the Indonesian healthcare system.