Research & Development

Patient is our FOCUS and they are the fundamental reason in our products development.
In Imedco, understanding the patients’ needs drive us to create new ideas, new inventions and new ways of thinking. Along with the scientific development, we strive to yield innovative rare and specialty medicine with strong added value for our patients.
As to this moment, we have developed not only conventional products with added values, but also we have started to develop innovative approaches drugs such as New Drug Delivery System (NDDS).

Our strength in developing these products lies on 2 matters :

  • First, it is Human Resource. Our RND team consists of competent people in their fields. They have strong passion in what they do, as well as high fighting spirit to find and create new products that may fulfill the needs of many patients.
  • Second, it is the commitment of the company. This clear direction from the top management energizes our RND team to reach their fullest abilities in developing beneficial products which demonstrates our continued commitment to patients and their caregivers.